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Westchester County New York Junk Removal, Estate Clearance, Furniture Removal, Debris Removal

Remove my junk is excited to offer it’s junk removal services to the elegant residents of Westchester county. We are a local hauling company providing the finest in furniture removal service, renovation  debris removal, home rubbish pick up such as couch removal, love seat pick up, chair and table removal, dresser removal, and all types of bagged debris. WE provide same day appliance removal of, washer and dryers, refrigerators, stove and oven removal, and removal of dishwashers. For same day junk pick up call now 877 736 5865.

Westchester County has a very interesting colonial history. It is the setting for many modern films and television shows. It is estimated that 949,113 people live in this area. Remove My Junk offers our junk removal services to anyone living in Westchester County. We remove all types of junk and our services including, furniture removal, hoarding cleaning, estate clearances and debris removal. No matter what your junk removal needs, we have a service to take care of them.

We know other companies might offer similar services, but they just don’t compare to our junk removal service. Our trucks are the largest in the business. We have trucks that can remove 2 and a half loads of junk and are great for furniture removal or debris removal. We also have trucks that can haul away as much as 4 loads of junk at a time. We use these trucks for estate clearances and hoarding cleaning. These larger trucks means that it takes us less trips to get that junk gone so we finish faster and the service is more affordable for you.

Call 1-877-REM-JUNK (1-877-736-5865) to get a free junk removal pricing quote today, or book a time online.
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We want to build a lasting, professional relationship with you and help you with all of your junk removal needs. We offer furniture pick up so you never have to lift anything heavy on your own. We know how hard it can be to get rid of garbage and rubbish leftover after a home renovation so we offer debris removal as well. We also don’t want you to feel like you are alone while dealing with hoarding cleaning or estate clearances. We will help you as much or as little as you want and we will do it with a smile. Give us a call today to get started.

Brooklyn Junk Removal Neighborhoods

Westchester County Junk Removal and Furniture Removal A through F
Westchester County Junk Removal and Furniture Removal G through L
Westchester County Junk Removal and Furniture Removal M through R
Westchester County Junk Removal and Furniture Removal S through Z

We service the following ZIP codes in Westchester County:

10501 10502 10503 10504 10505 10506 10507 10510 10511 10514 10517 10518 10519 10520 10521 10522 10523 10526 10527 10528 10530 10532 10533 10535 10536 10538 10540 10543 10545 10546 10547 10548 10549 10550 10551 10552 10553 10560 10562 10566 10567 10570 10573 10576 10577 10578 10580 10583 10587 10588 10589 10590 10591 10594 10595 10596 10597 10598 10601 10602 10603 10604 10605 10606 10607 10610 10701 10702 10703 10704 10705 10706 10707 10708 10709 10710 10801 10802 10803 10804 10805

Call 1-877-REM-JUNK (1-877-736-5865) to get a free trash removal pricing quote today, or book a time online.


Local services are provided in the following areas. Junk Removal NYCJunk Removal QueensJunk Removal BrooklynJunk Removal BronxJunk Removal New JerseyJunk Removal Long IslandJunk Removal Staten Island, Junk Removal Westchester and neighboring areas.