Remove My Junk Corporate Points Savings Program:

Our convenient Corporate Points Savings Program works well for you, and your clients. This is how it works. For every $100.00 spent by the clients you refer to Remove My Junk, you receive 14 points, or 14% of every $100.00. In other words, for every 7 loads of junk we pick up from the clients or locations you refer to Remove My Junk, you receive 1 free full load of junk removal, a value of $635 . As these points accrue, you decide when, and where to use them. This enables you to give free junk garbage removal services to any client you choose, use them for tenant cleanouts, or use them for yourself.

Redeem Points For Maid or Janitorial Building Maintenance Services

In addition to being able to redeem points for Remove My Junk services, you can also use your points to obtain maid services with Maid On Call or janitorial building maintenance and office cleaning service with Remove My Junk. Each point can be redeemed for one dollar of services with either of these companies. You can also earn points by referring business to each of the other two companies.

Redeem Points to Donate to Charity

Does your company have a favorite charity it chooses to donate to? Or do you have a personal charity of your own? Many of our clients do. We will donate in you, or your company’s name the 14% of business generated from the clients you refer to Remove My Junk. Open your hearts, and point Remove My Junk to the organization that you feel can best benefit from your charitable contribution.

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