What Is Considered A Load?

The industry standard load is measured at 13 cubic yards of space. The illustration above depicts the differences in amount of junk, space, and junk removal cost, up to a full load priced at $625. We use two different size trucks. (20 and 24 ft) which hold  3 to 4 loads of furniture or junk, which is 3 to 4 times larger than the industry standard size trucks, our vehicles are great for estate clean outs, and hoarding clean outs. Remove my junk is a local junk removal company serving  New York and New Jersey. Would you like your furniture to be donated, we can assist your request. Our pricing is among the finest in the industry, offering 10% discounts for senior citizens, and 10% savings for estate clean outs, and hoarding jobs. Remove my junk operates with a two man crew minimum. This is done to assure successful junk furniture and rubbish removal of bulky or heavy items from homes, businesses, and stores. Our 24 foot trucks are 45 cubic yards in capacity, Our 20 foot trucks are 35 cubic yards of space, hauling more than 3 times the space of the industry standard  truck allowing us to clean out your entire home including basement, garages, front, and back yards as well. We base our load pricing on the smaller size trucks used by the industry so that you can compare pricing for the same quantity of junk removed, comparing (apples to apples). To get an idea of what will fit in a load, please refer to the illustration above. A single junk load is about a third of the 20 foot truck or a 1/4 of the 24 foot truck. With one of our trucks we get multiple loads of furniture out faster, and more efficiently allowing our pricing to be less per load. Our vehicles are great for large rubbish/debris removal jobs, and store clean outs. We are able to remove any one item pick up such as couch, bed, sofa, mattress, piano, refrigerator, dresser, whatever junk you have we remove with ease. Call today for SAME DAY JUNK REMOVAL. 877 736 5865. Or text us a picture of your junk at 917 416 0699, we will respond in minutes with pricing, and same day removal.

Option 2: By The Garbage Bag

Theses prices are based on the bags weighing 25-30 lbs. If the bags weigh more than 30 lbs price will be adjusted. If stairs are involved or other extenuating circumstances pricing may increase by 10%. For flat rate pricing please have the bags if possible on curbside.

 10 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $200
 15 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $225
 20 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $250
 25 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $275
 30 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $300
 35 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $350
 40 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $400
 45 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $450
 50 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $500
 55 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $550
 60 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $600
 65 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $650
 70 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $700
 75 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $750
 80 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $800
 85 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $825
 90 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $850
 95 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $875
 100 bags of debris 25-30 lbs  $900
 Full truck 200 to 250 bags 25-30 lbs  $1875

Option 3: By The Cubic Yard

5 cubic yards of debris $300
10 cubic yards of debris $550
15 cubic yards of debris $700
20 cubic yards of debris $950
25 cubic yards of debris $1100
34 cubic yards of debris $1450

Price is doubled for heavy debris (concrete, sand, etc…) All pricing includes a two man crew which does all the lifting of rubbish / debris / junk into the truck. If you need for us to pack bags provide dismantling of any kind, there will be a per hour price at $35.00 per hour per man. Minimum Minimum charge for single items is $175, and the $25 savings offer does not apply to single items. View single item pricing at top of this page. Special Situations A customer may accrue additional charges in high rise buildings and stair walk ups, and areas where parking is difficult. The supervisor will assess if any such charges are necessary at the time of arrival. Special Offer When ordering pickup of a full load or more, receive 2 HRS FREE CLEANING from our sister company Maid on Call Call 1-877-REM-JUNK (1-877-736-5865) to get a free junk removal pricing quote today, or book a time online. Firm Price Guarantee Our trained junk trash removal professionals will provide you with a firm price estimate when they arrive. You will know the exact price before we begin. If you call 1-877-736-5865, you can talk to a junk trash removal expert who will answer your questions and give you an initial estimate. Special Items Some items require a surcharge because of their toxicity or recycling regulations. Refrigerators and freezers contain Freon. Picture tubes contain heavy metals. The disposal charge averages $35 for each of these items. Tires must be processed and recycled separately and are $10 each. Prohibited Items We do not handle toxic waste, explosives, medical bio-hazard waste, motor oil, or poisons. Packing and Moving We offer packaging, bubble-wrapping, bagging, hand packing, shrink wrapping, show packing, cargo, and other office or home / apartment moving and packing services. If you are looking for local movers, we not only pack and move your home or office, but we can professionally clean before and after the move in both locations. Find out more about our packing and moving services. Payment We accept all major credit cards, check, money order, and invoices. Fees For Special Packing We charge 35.00 per hour per man for packing. Customer pays for all packing supplies, boxes, bags, tape etc. We accept credit cards, certified checks, and cashiers check. If You Need To Cancel We understand that unforeseen situations may come up, and we request that you give us at least 12 hours notice if you need to cancel. If you have to cancel less than 12 hours before your appointment we will charge you a $30 administrative fee to cover our costs of reserving the truck(s) and personnel for you.