garage junk saleIn a previous blog post, we began explaining some things you can do to make ridding your home of excess junk an easier and more successful experience. Since junk and furniture removal in NYC and the surrounding area is our specialty, we’ve outlined a few more tips that we think could help you out in the process of sorting through things you don’t use anymore.

Have a garage sale – If you’re having a tough time getting motivated to go through your old things, having a garage sale is good motivator. Knowing you could make some money off of things you’d otherwise be getting rid of will help keep you driven to clear your home from the things you don’t use.
Donate to charity – If money isn’t what’s going to motivate you to toss your old items, donating them may be. With our services, you can decide what you’d like to donate and we’ll pick it up and find it a good home, at a Salvation Army or another local charity. (More on donating this holiday season, here).
Use cash only – This is more a preventative tip, but all those things have had to have come from somewhere! If you’re adding less junk to the buildup, it will be easier to clear up what you currently have. In order to prevent frequent, impulsive purchases try only shopping with cash. You’ll be more aware of how much you’re spending, making you less likely to get more stuff to add to your current amount!

We hope that by keeping these things in mind, you can have an easier experience managing your clean out process. To make it even simpler, consider utilizing our services. We provide same day services for junk and furniture removal in NYC and the surrounding areas. Contact us today by visiting or calling (877)736-5865.

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