Foreclosures and Evictions

Our trained professionals remove junk that is left-behind or unwanted items from foreclosures, evictions, abandoned storage spaces, or previous tenants. We will clean out entire homes, apartments, condos, and retail spaces, including all removal of junk furniture, flooring, fixtures, papers, trash, garbage and other debris. We’ll leave you with a neat, broom clean new space.

We currently are experiencing a record number of foreclosures due to layoffs, outsourcing, bankruptcies, downsizing, and other factors. Many homeowners and businesses leave their home unable to clean it out completely, and abandon junk property and personal belongings.

They leave behind junk items such as trash, excercise equipment, furniture, kitchen appliances, office equipment, yard waste, and old clothes. Banks lenders need to have this junk removed so they can effectively begin marketing or remodeling their properties to another buyer. We will clean out each room, yard, and garage/attic space. We will donate and recycle items if possible, and take everything else to the proper disposal facility.

We also own a maid and commercial cleaning service that will leave every room spotless, including disinfecting bathrooms and kitchen and cleaning the windows.

Call 1-877-7-JUNK-59 (1-877-758-6559) to get a free junk removal pricing quote today, or click on the link at the right to schedule your appointment. Same day service is available.

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