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Remove My Junk provides complete affordable junk removal services in NY and NJ. Serving the entire New York Metro Area, we are considered by our customers to be one of the finest junk removal companies in the area. From junk to furniture removal, our good reviews for junk removal in NJ and NYC are a testament to the quality of our junk and furniture removal services.

We offer junk and garbage removal of all sorts including same day emergency bulk junk clean outs for homes and offices, cubicles, sinks, toilets, tubs, fencing, bricks. We haul away any and all types of rubbish the same day.

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Same day junk and furniture removal service for homes and offices. 10% savings for seniors, estate clean outs & hoarding. Tax deductible donations. No savings on single item removal.



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What is considered a load?

The industry standard load is measured at 13 cubic yards of space. The illustration above depicts the differences in amount of junk, space, and junk removal cost, up to a full load priced at $625. Our vehicles are not the same size as the industry standard 13 cubic yard trucks. Our 20 foot truck holds up to 3 loads and our 24 foot truck holds up to 4 loads of furniture or junk. Our trucks are great for estate clean outs or hoarding clean outs.

Charitable Donations and Recycling : Our Mission

Our mission is to personally make a difference in the lives of those in need when we provide services for junk removal in NJ and NY. Our goal is to positively affect as many homes as possible with the basics in household furnishings and clothing, and to minimize impact to the environment.

Junk Pickup, Charitable Donating and Recycling in NYC and NJ

This is a portion of the business that is very close to the owners’ heart, having been in the situation of need early on in their lives. With your blessing, the Remove My Junk team looks for every opportunity to get your unwanted goods into the hands of the needy throughout the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area.

Your goods are indeed jewels to a lot of families that are unable to provide some of the basics for their homes. We aid at providing furniture, clothing, pots, pans, dishes, and appliances, to families in the communities we serve, as well to our donation partners. Make no mistake about it, if your items are in good condition and you don’t request otherwise, we will do our utmost to find a home for them. This will serve as aid to the needy. In regards to our donation partners, you will receive a receipt for the value of your goods that you can use as a tax write off. Our partners work hard as well looking for opportunities to find families in need of household goods, and clothing.  All other items or materials that can’t be given away are recycled to minimize what ends up in a landfill and to reduce or eliminate the impact to the environment. Call now at (877) 736-5865 for more information.


Junk Debris & Furniture Removal Services in New York & New Jersey

Remove My Junk is based in NYC and services the entire NYC metro area including Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx and Manhattan as well as northern New Jersey, Nassau, and Westchester counties for junk garbage removal and pickup services. We clean up your home or business in quick time, whether you need furniture removal and pickup, clutter removal, hoarding cleanouts, estate clearance, office furniture cleanouts, or general hauling and pick up of debris. Be sure to check out our Special Offers For Junk Removal.

We pick up junk remove garbage and unwanted items from homes from apartments, homes, construction sites, and businesses. Whether you need carting of one item or an office full of furniture junk. We remove garbage and rubbish from buildings, homes, and offices. We aid with estate clearance and home clearance. We will help with estate junk removal when a loved one has passed. Trust Remove My Junk with this difficult period to aid in a smooth transition of your home.

Call 1-877-736-5865 to book your appointment for junk trash removal in New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area or click on the link above to schedule your appointment. Same day service is available.

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