No matter how nice your home is, you can’t always escape the junk and clutter that can consume your home in Hollis Hills in Queens New York. Remove My Junk offer junk removal services to Hollis Hills, Queens and other surrounding neighborhoods in NYC.

Remove My Junk can help you with junk pick p, furniture removal, rubbish removal services.We can haul away all types of junk from any room in your house. We don’t mind climbing a latter to your attic or making trips up and down the stairs to your basement. It’s our job to make sure you that home is free of junk and we will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

We have large trucks that are much bigger than traditional hauling trucks. We can take a lot more junk and clutter than other trucks so we can get the job done faster than anyone else. We promise that our crew will offer junk removal services in a professional manner. We will work with you ever step of the way and help you with any of your junk removal needs. We offer debris removal, furniture removal, estate clearances, hoarding cleaning, bulk garbage removal and more.

Give our Hollis Hills Queens office a call today and ask for an estimate. Why settle for less when you can have the best junk removal services in NYC?


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