Estate Clearance, Property Clearance, House Clearance Services

Because of our expertise and sensitivity in handling clients’ personal property during an estate clearance, our services are called upon by people who have the daunting task of emptying a deceased relative’s home or apartment. We clear and cleanout homes in collaboration with family members, social workers, guardians, attorneys, and building managers as well as community and public agencies. We provide effective, comprehensive, and sensitive assistance.

Larger Trucks Available Means Lower Pricing

We get large jobs done faster and more economically because we have large trucks to carry additional capacity. We have the largest trucks available for junk removal. Our 24ft trucks hauls 4 loads of junk and rubbish at a time, translating into better, faster service for you, the customer. Our 16ft trucks hold two and half loads of junk and rubbish at a time. We know how to work through the ordeal quickly by working with you and helping with identification and sorting of the furniture, and clothing to be removed from sellable items, and disposing of / recycling the salvageable items expeditiously. Our trash removal professionals take care of recycling what can be recycled. The first step is meeting onsite and helping with sorting of personal property, separating , packing, donating to charity, removing clutter and discards, heavy duty cleaning, and recommendations for ongoing maintenance and care. We make all the arrangements, including sorting, packing, recycling, and disposing of clutter and furniture. We will take your donatable items such as furniture, clothing, electronics, vehicles, in good condition to one of our many charitable organization partners, and if they accept it, we will mail you back a tax-deductible charitable donation receipt.

Get More Junk Removed For Less Money

Our trucks are larger than our competitors and our rates are cheaper. Our company also provides maid services and commercial cleaning services, and we hope you will use our other services for all your cleaning needs. You can benefit from our removal professionals also help homeowners organize items left in the house after the cleanup. Individual offers may not be combined with other offers Call 1-877-7-JUNK-59 (1-877-758-6559) to get a free junk removal pricing quote today, or click on the link at the right to schedule your appointment. Same day service is available. 10% Discounts for families of the deceased, the disabled and handicapped, senior citizens, families with newborn infants, and military families.

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