Clutter Removal and Cleanout Services NY

The professional clutter clean out team at Remove My Junk is made up of experienced, professional, courteous, and discreet individuals that work with families to clear up clutter as well as professionals who have the task of cleaning out a cluttered home to make it livable. With the help of the customer, we arrange a clutter cleanout plan that works for everybody. Remove My Junk makes sure that all unwanted debris is hauled off and all is removed. We also offer free maid cleaning and disinfecting service with our clutter cleaning servicesto make the area a nice place to live.

Our company is based in NY and NJ and services the entire NYC metro area including Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx and Manhattan as well as northern New Jersey, Nassau, and Westchester counties for clutter removal services.

Our trucks hold 2 to 4 times more than our largest clutter cleanout competitors, so we can take a two or three day hoarding cleanout job and get it done in one day. Depending on the hoarder or family’s needs, we can completely remove all the waste and clutter from the home and sort the hoarded items to dispose of them, pack them for storage, or donate them to charity.

More than just a removal or cleaning service, we take pride in serving our clutter removal customer’s needs and being sensitive to their clutter situation. We understand that cleaning up after a hoarder can be a difficult process, and are here to help with every phase of your hoarding cleanout, from planning and sorting, to packing and hauling away. Remove My Junk is the hoarding cleanout partner you can count on.

10% Off Hoarding Cases (2 or more loads) Call 1-877-7-JUNK-59 (1-877-758-6559) to get a free removal pricing quote today, or click on the link at the right to schedule your appointment. Same day service is available.

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