Remove My Junk is your trusted partner for hoarding cleaning in New York and New Jersey. No two hoarding cases are exactly alike, and we are experts at dealing with the variety of situations. Often, the hoarding behavior can become so entrenched that the entire property is littered with unwanted junk up to the ceiling, making it unlivable and unsafe. Each case is evaluated individually and our hoarding cleaning services are appropriately customized. For the safety and convenience of all parties, we have certified professionals on our staff with experience treating these types of cases.

Compulsive hoarding is a very serious problem that affects millions of Americans and their families. Fortunately, Remove My Junk provides hoarding cleaning services designed to help those affected sort the trash from the treasure. This will free up your most valuable resources, your life, and your living space, while maintaining the dignity and respecting the wishes of the owner.

Call 1 (877) REM-JUNK (758-6559) to request one of our junk removal services or book a time online.

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